Domaine De Figuerolles



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Our Activities

7 scalable courses :

1 Green course - The Discovering Indian :

  • Featuring no less than 19 adventures.

1 Blue course - The Confirmed Indian :

  • For a size of about 1.35 m. Come test yourself on the Confirmed itinerary.
  • Tarzan jump, monkey bridge, trapeze, will await you on the various adventures.

1 Red course - The Sensation Indian :

  • For adventurers in search of emotions: accessible as from 1m40, the various rope bridges or Nepali bridges, our serpent swings, swing ropes but also our max zip wires (one of 165 m and the other of 200 m) will complete your program rich in emotion.

1 Black course - The Xtreme Indian :

  • This course is meant for the most sporty of you, only the bravest and self-willed will reach the end. Option to stop along the course through escape ways.

2 Yellow courses for the young ones – as from 4 years old :

  • These Little Indian courses are available to children measuring about 1.10 m.
  • A first experience full of sensations !

1 White course: The Intrepid Indian - as from 6 years old :

  • Zip wires, cage nets, toboggans, etc. 11 adventures for the delight of our adventurers in the making.
  • For safe activities, contact us for your school outings, community outings, birthdays, etc.